Processing Notice

Last updated 5th April 2023

Personal Information Processing Notice

If you have received an email with a link to this page, we may hold certain information about you which is classed as “Personal” information. processes this information for direct marketing purposes to inform you of legitimate business-to-business opportunities. And for companies which we work with, to market to you legitimate business-to-business opportunities.

Categories of Personal Information Processed:

We may have any or all of the following categories of personal information about you, past or current:





First & Last Name

Company You Work For

Email Address

Job title

The company information we may hold:






Office Address

Telephone Number



Number of Employees

‍‍Purpose of Processing processes this information for direct marketing purposes to inform you of legitimate business-to-business opportunities from ourselves and other partner organisations.

Lawful Basis’s processing of your personal information is based on the legitimate interest of itself and its customers/partners to engage in direct marketing, and’s legitimate interest to organise and market to your business contact information, given the limited impact of this data on an individual’s private life and that this information, unlike personal contact details, is widely disclosed.

Period endeavours to provide the most accurate information possible to its customers. We seek to verify the accuracy of our information as frequently as possible and to remove information that we learn to be inaccurate. Thus, we intend to process the information we have about you for so long as it is accurate or until you instruct us to refrain from processing it.

Your Rights

You have the right to request that (1) provide you with access to your personal information, (2) rectify or correct your personal information, (3) erase your personal information, or (4) restrict the processing of your personal information, including refraining from selling it or otherwise providing it to any third parties. You also have the right to object to processing, to data portability, and to lodge a complaint with the appropriate supervisory authority in your country, if any. The foregoing rights may be subject to certain limitations pursuant to applicable law.Sources of Personal Information gathers personal information from several sources, which include publicly available sources such as websites and government records, contributions from our customers, third-party data providers, or through telephone interviews. Because information from several sources may be combined into one record, it may be difficult or impossible to identify the exact source of one particular piece of information.

Additional Information

For more detailed information regarding our privacy practices, you can review our privacy policy at

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